Soncell Middle East LLC are a founding company within the Securities Division of Bowmer & Kirkland Ltd, Soncell International.  Established in 2010, with a strategic remit to become the heartbeat of the Groups Technical Solutions and delivery across the region.

Working with our sister companies within the group, Cell Security, Panoptech, Sonic Communications.  Soncell ME have the ability to call upon many faceted technical abilities to provide a solution, whatever the clients needs.  While focusing on the sales of sister companies, distribution agreements with respected suppliers are also a key focus of the Middle Eastern Vision.  We look to provide a conduit for Clients and Manufacturers the ability to prove and trust the products which they are provided.

Kevin McDonald
Group Chairman
Liam Thornton
Managing Director

Liam Thornton has been a key player within the Securities Industry for the last 32 years.  With proven ability to deliver solutions into difficult areas.  Liam is keen to focus on the clients requirements and facilitate as necessary the needs for any size of project.


Samantha Thornton
Office Manager

Samantha Thornton is the engine room of Soncell Middle East.  Liasing with our clients on projects and additional administration functions are the roles Samantha plays for the business.  Samantha will always ensure that the client's solutions requirements have been understood and delivered.

Joel Vann
Solutions Engineer

Joel Vann has been born out of our technical delivery team.  Working on our various projects over the 8 years we have been within the Middle East.  Joel has a technical background capable of assisting in your requirements.

Michael Beale
Finance Director

A finance professional with over 30 years experience, Michael joined the business in 2010 after working in Practice, Local Government, Media and Publishing.   Michael is a member of the groups senior management team and is responsible for the financial affairs of the business.


Email: sales@soncellme.com             Tel: +971 4 818 9045