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Soncell Middle East were required to Consult, Install and Maintain a number of custodial products into a state of the art VVIP Prison in Dubai.  Using our partners across the globe, we were able to deliver a project on-time and to our clients satisfaction.

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Soncell Middle East provided consultancy to the UAE Presidential Guard during the establishment of a specialist unit and provided all three operational teams with covert communications, miniature video & audio surveillance equipment as well as GPS tracking units which were all interfaced to Panoptech’s Clarity command and control platform.

Our team provided the officers who passed the selection process with specialist equipment training and first hand operational guidance for the products supplied.

We also installed covert operational vehicles which included a wide variety of cars, motorcycles and vans which we then maintained for a period of over 2 years before the Presidential Guards engineers took over the responsibly themselves.


More recently Soncell Middle East supplied the Presidential Guard UAV section with a number of 360 Degree Repulse units which are able to provide an impenetrable bubble extending to over 1Km radius to protect VIP / Military & sensitive areas from the approach or potential attack from all currently available commercial drones.


Sonic Communications International LTD and Soncell Middle East from 2011 have supported and supplied communication equipment and bespoke solutions to many of the Ministry of Interiors specialist departments for almost two decades and continue to work closely with them to enhance the United Arab Emirates domestic security.

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