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Providing assistance to our clients has always been a key goal of Soncell Middle East.  Clients requirements are ever changing, with the ability of our expert staff to consult on any solution requirement and define the products that you may require can ensure you have peace of mind.

Solutions which we currently have been consulting on can range from, Wireless Networks, Vehicle installations, Covert Camera Systems, Multi-National Video Walls, Vehicle Tracking.


Soncell Middle East started with the inception of building Covert Police and Command & Control Vehicles.  Since that requirement we are well qualified to design and build to your specification whatever type of vehicle you may choose.

Soncell Middle East have also been involved in the building of large wireless networks on secure frequencies across the globe.  From the early stages of consultation to the final stages of maintaining the system over multiple years, we are able to facilitate those requirements.

Soncell Middle East also have the ability to Project Manage large Prison Build requirements and apply a team to work with you on the installation, commissioning and turn key maintenance should it be required.


Not leaving a client after a project has finished is a key goal of Soncell Middle East.  Our engineers will support and maintain as required any installation we undertake.  Making use of Helpdesk and monitoring technologies to ensure that we know of an issue before the client is a key aim in making our maintenance service a success.

Our goal is for the client and ourselves to become a partnership over the many years.

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